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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 16, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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we will never be the media mom. now, in the meantime, guess what ? let not your heart be troubled, because laura ingraham takes hi from here. laura, what cup do we have tonight? >> laura: i have nothing good except, i can't show brand. you guess what this is. i don't think you can show brands on tv. the rules are always changing. >> you can do it you don't get in trouble. joe biden has claimed that ther was basically said tonight ther was no covid vaccine until he became president, so that's the breaking news tonight that's what we have. >> he said twice in one speech last week that we're going to have 300 vaccination, 300 peopl vaccinated in the summer. 300. i thought he misspoken he'd pic
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it up, but then he said it again . >> what can i say? what can i say? it's always so fun. >> hannity, great show tonight. all see you tomorrow. this is ingraham angle from washington tonight. joe biden wrapped up what could only be described as an eye-opening head scratching disastrous townhall. we have the first reaction throughout this hour, plus despite deaths and hospitalizations. fauci and company are still saying we shouldn't be celebrating. of course not pray tonight we expose the lie driving the latest panic push, but first, when everything is racist, that is the focus of tonight angle. from the beginning of his presidency, joe biden has committed to this familiar sad refrain.
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>> we are taking steps to acknowledge and systemic racism. that will not just be an issue for one department in our administration, it has to be th business of the whole of government and all our federal policies and institutions. >> it sickens me to hear anyone especially our president accusing america of systemic racism. why do millions of people want to come here from all across th globe if americans are just a bunch of racist? do they just not know that when they get here, they're going to be immediately harassed and attacked by police? institutional or systemic racis is a term for student used in the 1967 book black power, the politics of liberation by sophi carmichael and hamilton. they propose solving the race problem met not just changing
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minds, but changing our view of history altogether. that's why you're seeing the historical rewrites all over th country. that's why we're seeing so many people canceled from their careers. the radicals who started black lives matter know the power of shame. and they wield it like a club. threatening anyone who gets in their way. they demand that white people b deprogrammed and called for a black agenda. >> here's the thing about uprooting systemic racism. one, it's everywhere. it's almost like the air we breathe, so that is why we have to actually know what we're looking for in order to not jus night diagnose the problem, but to address it. racism is fundamentally about rules that have been rigged to consolidate power on one side and to lessen it on another side . >> racism is everywhere, it's like the air we breathe.
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it's worth asking whether there is anything about america that the radical left and blm don't consider racist. based on our extensive research the an answer is an unequivocal no. the new self-righteous left branding people, places and things as racist has become a favorite pastime. ultimately, they believe this gives them more power to fundamentally transform america not to speak of more opportunities to shake shakedow corporate america. the landmines for americans of good faith are everywhere. to help you avoid stepping on one, we came out with our own abbreviated list of new racist stuff. first outcome up masks. yes, arithmetic, algebra and calculus are apparently all tools of white supremacy per th state of oregon is asking teachers to get the racism out of math by teaching something
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called f no mathematics. you see a class that merely focuses on the right objective answer has got to be kkk endorsed. this of course means that science must be racist as well. in fact a recent harvard university study claims to have shown institutional racism in the field of epidemiology. why is that? no one thought to use reparations as a way to prevent covid. that's wide. so perhaps the most obvious on the racist list is american history. for one thing historians aren't diverse enough so celebrated author. >> history, weather american history, weather african-american history, has typically been written by a single person, oftentimes a man and so you have a man trying to write the history of a large an
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diverse community. why not completely rethink how we write history? >> it's not just our history, but our literature as lit racis as well. among the reasons is that the well-known skinhead william shakespeare, he as one of the worst racist offenders. the blm crowd is hitting the bard hard seeing him as a force of imperialist oppression and misogyny whose works should be examined using critical race theory or frankly illuminated. the merchants of vitriol want t police your language. >> even terms like black monday black sheep, can be freighted with a negative connotation tha sometimes we don't even realize. >> i don't think we even realize , we have a skin color and a regular color, we're both in negative fashion. >> white light and whitewashing
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are apparently totally fine. will biden change the name of the white house? while these rules, we're all trying to keep up with them. it gets even more absurd, democrats and main want you to believe there systemic racism i the act of passing legislation. does that mean the old schoolhouse rock song is out? ♪ i'm just a bill ♪ i'm only a bill ♪ and i'm sitting here on capitol hill. >> the bigotry is palpable. as for board games, watch your moves, people, especially with chess, the fact that white move first is classic racism. if you're a fan of classical composers, you may want to delete beethoven from your playlist because last year city university of new york professo irately claimed that beethoven
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has been propped up by whitenes and maleness for 200 years. okay, but surely pet adoption, that can't be racist. not so fast, if you own a dog, and the dog is white, you don't have it right. now commit this list might seem absurd, but much of the racial poison is filtering into our public schools read the latest example comes from east heights community school in new york city where the principal sent a parents of white students a form , urging them to atone for their skin color by becoming white traders who advocate for white abolition. according to one of the handout obtained by journalists, a whit abolitionist is someone who dismantles whiteness. this race obsessed approach to
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daily life is vindictive and counterproductive. it drives a wedge, not a conversation. and come of the race paddlers are now part of a growth industry. they give speeches across america for tens of thousands o dollars a pop, and absolution t companies that pay their hefty consulting fees. calling someone a racist means the end of the debate, not the start of one. since the democrats don't want to defend their lockdown agenda urging racism as a charge is there perfect out. to get the republican party can no longer say they don't agree with the bigots in the racist, with the white supremacist, wit the anti-semites. >> there are widget omit white supremacist sympathizers that sit at the heart end of the cor of the republican caucus. >> there is a fine integration between white supremacist logic the vitriol insist of perfect
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through the mouths of some gop star words. >> what sad little people. lit see very clear here because i don't want anyone to misunderstand what we're talkin about tonight. racism is repugnant to every american of every race should enjoy the freedoms established by our constitution and have a fair chance to succeed. we have no patience or sympathy for anyone who promotes racial bigotry. but the hard left and their supporters in the democratic party now are not interested in giving americans of any race a chance to succeed, they know their policies don't work, and they never will. so how do you win elections whe you can't govern? you appeal to hatred into fear, and to shame. joe biden has been in washingto now for almost 50 years if you can believe it. he knows that republicans aren' racist, he knows this country i not systemic releases to be
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right, but he goes along with the lie because he thinks it's going to help them stay in power . if you think that sounds cynical , you're right. but we are not cynical. we will keep telling the truth, america is an amazing country with great and generous people and working together we can tak power away from the cynics who tried to divide us by race and give that power back to the people. and i mean all of the people. that's the angle. joining me now is carol swain, and vanderbilt university's author of be the people a call to reclaim america's faith and prominence. carol, your thoughts on the angle? >> first of all, i have been studying race relations for man years, and what i saw back in 2002 when i published a different book was that the old-style white supremacist or white people believe that they
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were superior to other groups, that was waning and i saw that multiculturalism, the language of political identity, that the university campuses were pushing , that it was backfiring, and it was creating a dangerous double standard. so even back in 1995, there wer people at harvard and nyu that were talking about abolishing the white race, and so all of this stuff that we see now, reaching into public schools, it's been around for a long time . it's related to marxism, and we can criticize black lives matter , but the blame lives at the feet of the white liberal professors who have brought in black students to indoctrinate them in all of the stuff in the african-american studies progra and all of those little ghetto studies programs where they jus teach racism.
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so systemic racism is not the problem in america. racism is a problem, but it's coming from the political left and it's been turned upside down . >> one thing that is clear, is that the business of antiblack racism, it's not just racism, it's antiblack racism, that's a language that used from its big business. i don't know him personally, he could be an amazingly great person, but he is the mastermin behind much of the new modern antiracism push and now he is looking at law school saying th crux of the solution will be la and policy. those were studying law will become policy makers will be at the forefront of creating an antiracist society.
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carol, aren't lawyers supposed to be faithful to the constitution, equal protection under the law? we already have that in our founding documents. >> they have deviated from that along time ago and the greatest threat to american society toda i would argue is coming from th diversity, equity, inclusion industry. it is steeped in critical race theory which is marxist. it divides people, and when the talk about entire racism, they're really talking about teaching white people to hate themselves, especially the youn ones. when you think about what his taking place on college campuse and also now in k-12. kids are being bullied and shamed. teachers are being encouraged t teach nonsense, and they may justify it by saying it is fighting racism, it's helping
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racial and ethnic minorities, but it's harming everyone's child. >> i will say enclosing that we were able to reach various parents who are having to deal with this blm feel guilty about who you are curriculum. they are afraid to come on, they're afraid of what's going to happen to their son or daughter in school. there afraid of having there so or daughter targeted or perhaps not being able to get into a college. so people are afraid to questio this new prevailing thought tha marxism, and i think at its cor it's very racist. i think there's a lot of racism imbued in the antiracism curriculum. >> i think what's taking a plac is a violation of the equal protection clause and some silver civil-rights clause and the law should be on the sides of the current and it's time fo our legislators to step up and also minorities, racial and ethnic minorities like me who
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know what's taking place is wrong, we have to speak up. >> people have to understand this is big business. people are getting paid $20,000 to give a virtual talk to the fairfax county schools. big money is being made up by this. >> may not have heard anything about the story because it's gotten very little attention over the weekend, about 100 blm radicals descended on midtown manhattan for a defined the police protest which of course turned violent. they stormed restaurants and in the end, two police officers were injured. why didn't you hear about it? ed, your reaction to what is basically silence from the loca press commit national press, outside of the local press, no
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national press. >> it's disgusting and we've been dealing with this since last summer. the media is not covering which actually happening in these cities across america. they're not covering what occurred here in new york city. the individual who bit a police officer on his eye has been arrested 15 times for protest i the city of new york. nothing is being done about it. the nypd is allowing these protests bite not walking alongside them, and standing behind them and they then go into restaurants, break windows disrupt business and continue. of those are not peaceful protests, and this is a continuing problem that is happening nationwide. with our department right now it's being run by monahan, he was when he violated numerous people's rights. the attorney general has now filed another lawsuit against this department for not handlin
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these things property. who's in charge? the same person in 2004. and was in charge the other night? a police department in new york that had he was seen across the country. >> i want everybody to look at this. look at this video. when we want to find the individual criminals who went into the capitol on january 6, we have a group facial recognition. and in this case you had to dip 11 arrests. but there were a lot of people out there creating a lot of havoc. we don't hear people in the lov saying this is hurting our movement this is hurting our political goals, this is hurtin police officers. have you heard cries to identif more of these protesters? >> these people arrested were all arrest release. one person was held on bail and probably released by now. we have the revolving door with all three just tricked attorney offices.
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the hands-off policy from the department and encourage this. we have the biggest broodmare i that country who continues to take a hands-off approach on crime. we have a serial killer on the subway this past weekend, and his wife is in charge of mental illness where everything is exploding here in the city of new york. if anyone's thinking about coming to new york take a vacation, you need to rethink that. we are losing this city. we are losing it fast, and thes protests are not protest. these are violent expert. >> i think this summer, gearing up to be another bad summer. you can feel it, you can sense it. we hope police officers stay safe and the my about law-abiding people of new york to stay safe. very few people even knew that happened on friday night. joe biden's town hall just wrapped and if you think we're going back to normal anytime soon, think again. we will show you the sounds you
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will not believe what all joe said.
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>> you all want good news, i know you do. the covid situation in the united states getting better by the day over the last 14 days new cases went down only 41 percent, dell's fell by 42
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percent, hospitalizations plummeted 29 percent, so far most americans, this is what we've been waiting to hear. but the doomsayers like doctor doom himself, dr. fauci, good news is actually bad news. >> we were watching new infections drop as well as new hospitalizations. one of your colleagues, a white house covid advisor earlier thi morning said that this drop could be misleading. >> i think maybe wet and he was referring to is we have to be careful about getting too excited about that because we have the challenge of variance. >> you only get excited when you're on the cover of people magazine. former biden covid advisor had an even grimmer warning. >> the next 14 weeks i think will be the worst of the pandemic. people don't want to hear that, if we look at what these variants are doing, particularl this one from the united kingdom
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. it's starting to hit the united states freight we're going to see that unfold. >> didn't he say that it was going to be the worst over christmas, and then february, now it's the new west. what does the data say? despite the emergence of more danger it covid variance, cases in the uk have fallen 47 percen in the last two weeks. dez are down 43 percent over th past month. hospitalizations in the uk are down 60 percent almost. genuine now is professor of epidemiology of the yale school of public health. dr., telus the real science tha we know of as it relates now to the variance? >> i think you said it exactly right. you quoted the numbers of how everything has been going down. these have now been studied excessively, and in the uk, they've done 22 studies now, an there is of evidence they have detected a little bit of an
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increase of aggressiveness of this invariant. however, that increased aggressiveness is now going to face our herd immunity. there is no real evidence to sa that the herd immunity in the united states which is now over 50 percent and increasing every day isn't going to cope largely with that little bit of extra aggressiveness. >> again, there is no good news in covid land. that should be a new storytime fable. there is no good news in covid town. joe biden has said, and we will play the soundbite, essentially that's as far as going back to normal, don't count on it this year. watch. >> as my mother would say with the grace of god and the goodwill of the neighbors, that by next christmas, i think will be in a very different circumstance god willing then w are today. a year from now i think that
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will be significantly fewer people having to be socially's distance, having to wear masks, but we don't know. i don't want to overpromise anything here. >> christmas. dr. rich, we keep saying we can't believe this is what rehearing, is this sounding lik it's really about the science today in february, saying that by christmas may be kind of sor of, but don't count on it? >> you can think about whatever behavior you want and then go find a model that will tell you that's what's going to happen. that doesn't make it reality. i think we're in quite good shape for their continuing downward trends that we've been seeing. the pandemic is virtually over in north dakota and south dakota . we know the states have major herd immunity in many states. we're not seeing any of the uk cases does the cup in those states. we just have to follow this wee by week, but there is a good
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chance that almost all of it will be gone by the spring. >> as you pointed out, states like florida, south dakota, especially south dakota, no mas mandates, no shutdown, no stay-at-home order, no church i closed, no small businesses closed, and they are pretty muc right now looking like done wit the virus. >> florida is not quite, but south dakota is pretty much there and north dakota also. you know, these efforts that we've had for controlling the virus have very small benefits. they may have some, but it's very small on the average. you're not going to see detectable differences between states that do and don't. plus lots of people are wearing masks even when there is no mas mandate, so you can't tell what's going on at that level o precision. >> dr. rich, wonderful to see you as always. speaking of covid reception, th biden administration is lying t kids and their parents about reopening schools.
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not just on the science, team biden told us we need to immediately inject hundreds of billions of dollars into school before kids can safely step foo inside a classroom. except that only 4 percent yes, 4 percent, of the nearly $130 billion in emergency funding that biden is asking for , will be spent this year. according to the congressional budget office, the vast majorit of the funds will be spent afte 2022. joining me now is the head of the committee to prosperity. it seems like the ultimate shakedown to the teachers union. >> yes, laura, children in this country are being held ransom, there being locked out of schools, particularly in libera cities and liberal states and taxpayers are being told to pon up another $128 billion end of course the 54 billion that they were given in december hasn't been spat into. so the congressional they congressional budget office
7:31 pm
looked at this new proposed biden stimulus and they said we estimate that 6 billion of this 128 could be spent in the current fiscal year, most of it won't spend out until after the not just the current school yea but the next one. you're going to have and $90 billion that will be spent between 2023 and 2028, and the bulk of it comes in 2023 and 2024 which is interesting timing . can keep moments ago at the tow hall, biden took it upon himsel to throw his own press secretar to the curb when it came to thi issue of schools opening. to get your administration has set a goal to open the majority of schools in your first 100 days. you're now saying that means those schools may only be open for at least one day a week. >> that's not true, that's what you reported, that's not true. there was a mistake in the communication. >> so, sake said the goal was just open 50 percent of the schools one day a week, at leas
7:32 pm
by day 100, does he not even know what his own press secretary has said? >> she was mocked relentlessly for that, everyone pointed out, that was meant long before he even took office and then the next day she came back and she absolutely stood by it, she reiterated it, she said that's her bold ambitious goal, and no the president biden says no, that was a miscommunication. even the idea of 50 percent of schools being in five days a week is not a particularly ambitious goal considering were already over 40 percent. this idea with the 54 billion that we spent december and the 28 million more that were only going to get half the schools open? that's the goal? >> the washington post medicine reporter on him and amason bc today made a comment on doublin down on masks and social distancing even with the trends
7:33 pm
that we are seeing. let's watch. >> we should be doubling down o our masks and him watching in not allowing any states to move their remove their masks. >> we don't have states anymore we only have federal control. phil, great to see you. if you thought the worst was behind the lincoln project, think again, a full reports in moments place joe biden made clear that he considers former military and police to be racis domestic terrorists. can that be? yes, we have the video next.
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mercy ships has deployed floating hospitals to provide the free surgeries these children need. join us. together, we can give children the hope and healing they never thought possible. it's a mission powered by love, made possible by you. give today. >> another day another avalanch
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of traveling revelations regarding the lincoln project depravity. here with the latest update on the story is trace gallagher. trace, it was almost too much t keep up with. >> you had one lincoln project who is accused of sexual harassment, another under scrutiny for directing tens of millions of dollars to a consulting firm he runs, yet th anti- trap super pac is saying it's moving forward quoting the lincoln project will continue producing and distributing our popular content and commentary while these reviews are being conducted and we are operating at full capacity. the move forward may have pitfalls. the lincoln project decided to conduct a full review of allegation as cofounder john weaver sent sexual messages to more than 20 young men, it turn out the law firm hired to conduct that full review is pau hastings, which has several lawyers on staff who contribute thousands of dollars to the lincoln project raising questions about whether donors can fairly investigate an
7:40 pm
organization they donated to. constitutional law professor ha also raised questions about lawyers donating to affirm that targets other lawyers, specifically lawyers defending former president trump. they have not responded concerning their relationship t the hastings law firm. fox news has reported the lincoln project paid $27 millio to a consulting firm run by lincoln project cofounder reed galan, now cnbc is reporting that galen also ran a dark mone group called project yellowstone , which was directly connected to the lincoln project . it's not illegal, but could hav led to even more money going hi way. >> thank you so much. and moments ago, joe biden managed to smear our men and women in uniform as white supremacist. >> i worried about ongoing threats to our country from americans who embrace what can
7:41 pm
your administration do to address this wide-ranging problem critics creaky it's complex, wide-ranging, in real. i would make sure we in fact focus on how to deal with the rise of white supremacy and the studies that are beginning to b done about the impact of former military, former police officers , on the growth of white supremacy. >> joining me now is chris bedford, chris, this was a meandering kind of at times har to follow series of answers fro biden, but that comment was jus plain insulting and infuriating to police officers and i saw commenting just now online. >> we just saw that coming out spread we've seen that coming out before probably about ten years ago when there was some concerns about people who were coming back from afghanistan an iraq and getting and making sur
7:42 pm
they got their proper mental health protections that they needed. that somehow turned into fear that they would be dangerous, that they would be shooters, that they would be attacking head of states people. it was completely irrational no and it's irrational to see this now. of course are concerned you're going to have about people who have more training than others if they become radicalized prey to the reality is of all the radical problems that we have been the united states, white supremacy is not the major problem whatsoever. it's absolutely not. there are serious problems, we have been lucky over the last couple of years to have a decline from islamic terror. those are bigger concerns than this canary over here that they always claim this white supremacy bogeyman. >> anderson cooper actually pushed biden on the effect of his minimum wage mandatory minimum wage, what it would have , but it didn't go well. >> congressional budget office is that a $15 minimum wage woul
7:43 pm
lift 900,000 people under out o poverty but would close 1.4 million people their jobs. >> but also if you read that whole thing about the end of th rest, they are all equal number of studies that say that wouldn't have that effect. >> chris pinocchio? what is he talking about? >> read the pinocchio thing. he said if children can use the online to make them seventh century looking, there were a couple of things rather difficult to follow and that wa one of them. however, what was interesting about the study on the effect o this massive minimum wage hike nationally, the cbo is not something that is reliably conservative. this is not like the heritage foundation or the cato institut or even a university that may b more down the middle. the cbo generally comes out wit left-wing studies. it was a surprise to see this. the put back they're going to get from democrats is or might be places in chicago and san francisco that can bear this kind of burden, as west virgini
7:44 pm
and the senator has joked, can they bear that burden. fixed cost of living a much lower, i kind of doubt it. >> biden spoke out about his tw hour phone call with china's president she. >> i told him no american president can be sustained as a president if he doesn't reflect the values of the united states. so the idea, i'm not going to speak out against what he's doing in hong kong, what he's doing in the western mountains of china, and taiwan, by making it forceful, i said, he gets it. >> so i guess biden admits that he knows that he's just paying lip service to biden's raising the issue of human rights. after make a nod toward human rights.
7:45 pm
>> she was excited to see donal trump and pompeo and a republican have to take the bac seat to joe biden and someone who has actually already potentially compromised members of joe biden's family on this parade they don't expect a hars response. it's going to be interesting to see who biden nominates to fill some of these positions if it goes for people here, but exactly, she is watching that. some of these answers just over the hour that we had tonight of questions from the audience for joe biden were so rambling that it almost made me a little relieved that he is playing mario kart at camp while kamala harris is taking the calls from world leaders. >> at one point, someone asked him a question and he said if you give me your address, where going to get our plan for small businesses, the poor guy owns brewery. he says well if you give me you address. what is that? could get was hoping for more o
7:46 pm
that. chris, thank you so much. there are voices on the left yo genuinely believe that anger over the texas blackout is just about stoking a culture war. our message to them and the rea root of the issue and moments.
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>> it's about coming to the moment to deal with this maximu threat that is with us now, facing us, called climate change . with the greatest sense of urgency. i'm signing an executive art to sign the ambitious plan to confront the existential threat of climate change. >> to someone have to wake them him up to deliver the speech? i wonder what joe would call being without heat in the middl of the deep-freeze. right now tonight as rolling blackout unprecedented cold gripped the state and a number of people have already died trying to stay warm. what's the ultimate cause of al of this? at the texas public policy foundation, chuck, you say this is what, largely rooted in obam
7:52 pm
biden administration policies? explained that. >> there is two things going on here. first of all texas independent system operator made some reall poor calls a couple of days ago and in fact governor greg abbot has called for the resignation. he wants a clean sweep. there were some bad short-term decisions. underlying all of this is some really poor long-term policies that have caused in overbuildin of wind and solar in texas and decommissioning of right liable coal-fired power plants and som older natural gas plants. the more you do that work, the more that grid becomes unsustainable, unreliable. the resiliency declines, and when you get these extreme weather events or whether it's hot weather in the summer or this cold wave in the winter, problems are going to happen. >> earlier tonight msnbc chris hayes says that the gop is lyin about the cause of all this.
7:53 pm
>> it is just a lie that wind turbines, green energy are the root causes of the problems in texas right now. they wanted turn it into cultur war, it's about the libs don't want you to have. >> we don't have to have politics about where we get our energy delighted on the lines o abortion or policing. >> chuck, your response? >> i think he needs to understand more about physics and how electricity works. it needs to be generated the moment it is consumed. you can't store wind power without massive and expensive batteries. there is some battery capacity in texas, but with the cold snap , their capabilities were cut by 60 percent because batteries don't work all that well when it gets cold. these are normatively costly facilities that need to be created. what is happening right now, laura is that wind and solar producers in texas and across
7:54 pm
the country are not responsible to produce power when it's needed. that is not valued in america, we take it for granted. the more wind and solar that yo have on the grid and less it's backed up with natural gas plants that just sit around waiting to be used are these huge battery farms, what's goin to happen is california style blackouts are going to become increasingly common throughout the entire country. texas just experienced a little bit of california, and it's not good too. >> wait until that happens in the hot hot summer months parad we saw a lot of unrest last summer for other reasons, but you mix that in with no air conditioning, my god, it's goin to be horrific. check, thank you for explaining this. love you, sweetheart. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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[crunch] >> laura: joe biden has his administration focused on other
8:00 pm
things americans really truly care about. >> we have to deal with systemic racism. one of the things that i'm going to recommend is that we look at an entire panoply of things that affect whether or not people of color primarily are treated differently. >> laura: panoply, impressive word usage. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" take it from here. shannon, take it away. >> shannon: we've got more interesting quotes from the town hall. fact-checkers are on it. laura, thank you. breaking tonight, promising news. covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are dropping dramatically across the u.s. according to bloomberg, suggesting that measures to interrupt transmission are working at least for now. will this complicate the huge covid relief effort being pushed by president biden tonight? how about the 12% of the population has gotten at least one vaccine dose, new


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